New Frontier Radio Hour: Season 7

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    The cast and crew of New Frontier Lutheran Radio Hour returns to the "broadcast studio" on Sunday, September 24 to kick off its 7th season.  What is the New Frontier, you ask? It’s a worship service. But it’s not your grandmother’s worship service. It’s a chance to learn. But it’s not seminary. Come to laugh, to reflect, and to see your friends, old and new.

    Come to the New Frontier Lutheran Radio Hour, live from the studio (AKA the Lakeview Room), 11 a.m.

    2017-18 "Broadcast" Dates
    Sept. 24
    Oct. 22
    Nov. 19
    Jan. 7, 2018
    Feb. 25
    Mar. 25
    Apr. 22
    May 13

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