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    Everyone has a story. We believe that knowing the story of God and God's people will make us a more purposeful and fulfilled community. That includes learning the stories and teachings of the Bible and the great story of the good news of Jesus. From Sunday school to youth meetings, from small groups to family events, we are eager to learn our story as God's people, to hear each other's stories, and to grow together in faith.

    Like many churches, we have age-specific educational opportunities at Diamond Lake. But we define Christian education much more broadly than just what goes on in a Sunday school classroom or a lecture. Jesus taught in a classroom without walls, and those listening to him were not only in one age group. We believe life lived each day in every setting gives endless opportunities to learn God's love for us and our response in love to others. This means the home and the family are key to learning God's Word and experiencing Jesus. It also means that people of every age are students of the one teacher we all share, Jesus Christ.

    Below are our age-specific educational offerings. But we are convinced that the Holy Spirit is active teaching us together everywhere we go.
    Upcoming Events
    SunSundayOctOctober22nd2017 New Frontier Lutheran Radio Hour 10/22/2017
    WedWednesdayOctOctober25th2017 Wednesday Morning Bible Study 10/25/2017 Lectionary based. Conversation centers around the gospel for the upcoming Sunday.
    SunSundayNovNovember19th2017 New Frontier Lutheran Radio Hour 11/19/2017
    New Frontier Lutheran Radio Hour Is it a variety show, a worship service, a chance to learn,... More

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