About Diamond Lake Lutheran Church

Core Beliefs


The church is a community of people, not just a building, so one of our most cherished values is the strength of relationships among us. Diamond Lake is known as a smaller, more intimate church in a bigger city. We know and care for one another. We believe we are here to be real and authentic—to help each other, to support each other, to learn and struggle together, to forgive each other, to ask questions without fear of judgment, to worship together, and to grow together in faith and hope. The church is not perfect, but Jesus makes us one family, one body, one community.


When we gather for worship, we believe God has something to say to us that gives us life and makes us free. In worship, we hear that message through the Jewish and Christian scriptures of the Christian Bible we know today. We hear it through song and sermon, and we respond with song and prayer. In worship we celebrate the sacraments of Baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We are fed not just food for the body but also for mind and spirit and soul. The whole family comes together for worship to hear the Word of God. 


From birth to death, people have needs they cannot always meet themselves. We believe Jesus’ message urges us to serve and care for others, especially the vulnerable. Diamond Lake has a myriad of ministries that focus on connecting with people both inside and outside our church. Whether it’s a card to a grieving widow, a visit to the homebound, providing food for those who are hungry, or helping women and children coming out of homelessness, the spirit at Diamond Lake is one of meaningful service.

Children, Youth, and the Larger Family

The Body of Christ is All Ages, and we cherish our diverse mix. We are filled with little ones, middle ones, and older ones—married ones and single ones—and we believe we need each other. Our ministries for families with children and youth are strong and energetic, and we intentionally plan intergenerational activities where we get a real sense for the larger family we are in Christ.

Learning and Growing

Everyone has a story. We believe that knowing the story of God and God’s people will make us a more purposeful and fulfilled community. That includes learning the stories and teachings of the Bible and the great story of the good news of Jesus. From Sunday school to youth meetings, from small groups to family events, from artists’ performances to engaging speakers, we are eager to learn our story as God’s people, to hear one another’s stories, and to grow together in faith.

Our Lutheran Identity

We share the heritage of thought and values of the sixteenth-century monk named Martin Luther. Luther taught the importance of pointing beyond himself to the true source of Life—the grace of God in Christ. We believe our job is to do the same—to point people to Jesus and his way of love and grace. We like the way Luther did things, but we don’t worship him. We worship God.

church building at sunset

A Brief History

Diamond Lake Lutheran Church began in 1940 as a mission congregation of the Augustana Synod. The new church was to serve the rapidly growing population of South Minneapolis.

Two lots were purchased at the south end of Diamond Lake for the congregation’s first building—a small, wood-framed chapel painted red to resemble a country church in Sweden. By 1952, the congregation needed more space for worship, and the present-day sanctuary of gothic design and limestone exterior was built. In 1960, a building was constructed to the west of the sanctuary for church and community activities, and a 1987 renovation filled in the space between the buildings. Another renovation completed in 2022 created new gathering spaces for community use.

Today, members of Diamond Lake Lutheran Church come not only from South Minneapolis but also from many parts of the metro area. Diamond Lake is a member congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA), specifically the Minneapolis Area Synod of the ELCA.

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