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We welcome all who wish to be baptized! People who are baptized at Diamond Lake Lutheran become a member of the church. Sometimes children are baptized and become members before their parents. (Membership occurs through transfer of membership from another church, the confirmation rite, or by baptism.)

The first step in arranging a baptism is to complete the form below. We will check the pastor’s schedule and church calendar and get back to you promptly. If you have questions about the process, please contact the church office at 612.866.2579, or email us at [email protected].

church exterior with wedding couple


The wedding ceremony is a time of excitement, commitment, love, and emotion. It is also a sacred time of worship and reverence. We are honored that you would like to share your joy on the day of your wedding with Diamond Lake Lutheran. 

For information on booking your wedding, please contact Julie Sarff, our Wedding Coordinator. You may also fill in the first page of the Wedding Information Form. Save a copy of the completed first page and email it to Julie. She will then coordinate your request with the office administrator and get back to you to confirm your preferred date or negotiate another one. Julie will then walk you through the rest of the process.


If you are anticipating the death of a loved one, Pastor Andrea is available to assist with funeral planning and preparations. She can also provide Communion, prayers, and visits with the family and loved one before death. 

To plan a funeral or memorial service at Diamond Lake, please contact the church office at 612.866.2579 to begin arrangements. Office staff can assist you with scheduling the service and arranging for an organist and/or soloist. Pastor Andrea typically meets with the family for about an hour to discuss the order of the service. 

Receptions Following The Service

If you would like to provide a luncheon or dessert reception for your guests following the service, a member of our Consolation Committee will help you. The members of this committee provide, free of charge, the following: home-baked cakes, lemonade, water, tea, coffee.

If you prefer to serve a full meal, the committee will work with the caterer of your choice. The only cost is what the caterer charges you. (Cakes and beverages described above will be provided by our committee.) A member of the Consolation Committee can provide further details on suggested caterers and menus. Please arrange deliveries of food to arrive at the church about one hour before the service begins. 

We set round tables for eight people with white cloths, silk flower centerpieces, napkins, and silverware. Porcelain plates and/or bowls are provided at linen-covered buffet tables. To make your event more personal, you can designate your loved one’s favorite color for the centerpieces and napkins. You are also invited to supply any other fresh flowers or decorations as well. All leftovers will be packed for the family to take home after the reception. 

Memorial Gifts

Memorial gifts are a thoughtful way of honoring a family member or friend who has died. Memorial gifts may be given directly to Diamond Lake Lutheran Church or one of its ministries when specified by the family. We will notify the family of your gift.

All gifts may be sent directly to: 
Diamond Lake Lutheran Church 
5760 Portland Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55417

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